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Heath TipsPhysical activity is one of the recommendations to stay fit and healthy, a habit of life that every day more people incorporate into your day to day with the intention of achieving physical and mental well being.

This widespread idea has the support of countless studies and research on the subject, as one recently conducted by the National Sports University in Taiwan which claims that fifteen minutes a day of physical activity can reduce up to 14% risk of death, further increasing the life expectancy of three years.

The study has been published in the journal The Lancet was conducted with more than four thousand participants was tracked for more than eight years, from the time that began in 1996.

The aim of this research to obtain concrete data on whether physical activity less than 150 minutes per week was anyway beneficial to health.

In this way and divided participants into categories according to the amount of physical activity practiced inactive groups were formed, medium, high and very high.

Finally, relevant statistics were performed and it was established by comparing the group of those who were inactive with low activity group that the latter were at 10% lower risk of cancer mortality and life expectancy rose to three years, falling by 4% for every 15 minutes of daily exercise.

Such studies and investigations and their results lead us to think about what is the reason that many people fail to incorporate physical activity into their lives as natural and everyday.

An article published on refers precisely to this problem, from the point of view of those who always have an excuse to substantiate your absence to the gym or training, with the intention to find a solution to this problem and to well lead a healthy life by incorporating exercise as a habit.

In turn, the approach taken by the site In Fullness is to establish an exercise guide to help those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. One way to prevent these problems lead people who have them to turn to overeating, alcohol or drug-called legal to find the well.

Sometimes the intention to start practicing physical activity is present in many people who do not know or can not how to start or type of sporting activity to develop.

Thus, in his article on Sport life fitness gives some tips on how to start incorporating physical activity into daily life with a series of simple exercises to implement as leg raises, oblique and a hand paddle, among others.

Also, as the advice never hurts to get a fit body, Sport factor delivery makes fifty fitness tips for having a body ten. Some known and some not so, but it certainly will help a simpler training.

That said, no matter what form or if we start with a simple daily walk, the key is to start practicing physical activity will not only be good for our body but also our mind.

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