Exercises to slim hips

slim hipsThe fat is localized in specific areas of the body, according to each person, it is well known that the fat is the most difficult to remove, but the keys are simple healthy diet low in carbohydrates with hardly fat and high in vitamins, other minerals and protein to daily physical exercise. The trick to lose fat is to burn calories so take note of the following exercises specific to the area of the hips, legs and buttocks.

This exercises you can perform perfectly at home without sports equipment, if recommend using a mat for floor exercises.

Sitting in a chair lengthen the legs to the front and pick up the chest, first one leg and then the other and do five sets of ten.

Lying on the floor sideways, climb straight leg and will endure full ten seconds, if at first you can not bear those seconds start from the second until we get to ten. We will do two sets of 10 exercises with each leg, alternating the leg at the end of each series. We can also do this exercise with a weight on it.

Lying on your back stretch out one leg up and will endure five seconds and then change legs. Once we do four sets of ten do the same exercise leg moving sideways.

Lying on your back will stretch out both legs and leg crossing exercises of slow to fast about two minutes.

Sitting on the ground lengthen the legs to the front and try to raise your toes toward your body feeling the stretch across the back of the leg muscles. We will hold about 20 seconds on each foot and we will exercise four times with each foot.

Standing on one foot, will place the other foot behind the knee and we will tiptoe trying to be about five seconds. Will do four sets of ten, two on each foot.

Lying face down one leg and encouragements get up from the knee and stretch out so about ten times with each leg.

This type of exercise and any aerobic exercise, walking, biking, or climbing stairs improve this area slowly burning calories and therefore fat, muscles personification legs look more slender.

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