Diet to combat the Exercise of the weekend

Forget about fat in summer with the Exercise that can be made during the weekend. Listing diet Monday through Thursday we suggest to avoid gaining those extra kilos that dreaded many headaches occur around the holidays.

 Menu to combat the  Exercise of the weekend in summer

During summer weekends can become a veritable feast of food and drink which then passes bill to your outline, yes, that you care so much effort to show off in bikini great guy.

If you thought that you would propose strategies to avoid succumbing to temptation, nothing is complementary from reality. Nutrition Center experts are committed to follow a diet from Monday to Thursday to help you combat the Exercise committed during the summer weekends. Face?

 Carte due jour to combat the Exercise of the weekend

Choose between the two proposals for breakfast and / or alter alas according to your preferences:

1 Breakfast: Orange juice, two risks of bread with a few drops of olive oil, ham and coffee with skim milk.

Breakfast 2: kiwi, pineapple, strawberries and yogurt nonfat with whole grains.

Diet Monday to Thursday to combat the Exercise of the weekend

Mid-morning: Infusion with ice and lemon slice ideal green tea. A kiwi.

Food: Salad grilled vegetables vegetables and oven roasted seasoned. Grilled cuttlefish.

Mid-afternoon: Infusion with ice. Yogurt.

Dinner: cucumber and tomato salad dressed with cheese. Cherries or plums.

Mid-morning: Infusion with ice. Yogurt.

Food: Lettuce salad with walnuts. Cod with tomato timbale.

Mid-afternoon: Infusion with ice and lemon slice. Peach.

Dinner: Artichokes sauteed with shrimp. Apricots.

Mid-morning: Infusion with ice and orange slice. Apricots.

Food: Gazpacho carrot bread substitute. Skewered chicken breast and mushrooms.

Mid-afternoon : Infusion with ice. Yogurt.

Dinner: spring roll of asparagus with ham white. Melon.

Mid-morning: Infusion with ice. Pineapple.

Food: Hake and vegetables en papillae.

Mid-afternoon: Infusion with ice and

Dinner: Grilled zucchini. Yogurt.

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