10 ways to stay slim this summer

10 ways to stay slim this summerWith the arrival of the holiday seems we calm up in the care of our body, so you have 10 ways to stay slim this summer.

Control your weight over the summer with healthy eating

The summer is the season of fun, with the arrival of warm weather like leaving more to spend the day on a terrace and taking things slowly. This can make the end of the summer our figure was affected by the excesses, so we offer 10 tips to prevent weight gain simple this summer.

1. Make five meals a day this advice does not just have to be done during the summer, but throughout the year. Distribute the five meals daily calories will allow you to avoid feeling ravenously hungry when its lunch or dinner, and also keep your metabolism active, so you burn the calories you consume more effectively. Choose healthy snacks to eat mid-morning and afternoon snack, and notes see the positive effects of this habit as healthy!

2. Light Dinners the salads are the secret to stop weight gain in summer

Eating light is much easier in summer. Sloth get cooking in the heat of the kitchen can play into our diet in the hot months. From June to August, which most want is to enjoy the cold salads? You can take in your favorite ingredients, such as turkey, chicken, cheese, nuts, surmise. dress with light vinaigrette and, voila, you have a perfect meal and low in calories that let you effortlessly keep your figure.

3. The water, the best drink to hydrate the attraction to resort to soft drinks to quench thirst during the hot months is hard to beat, but you must remember that the high sugar content of many of these drinks add calories to your diet without you know it, so it’s best you resort to the water to stay hydrated during the summer. You can take it alone or in the form of teas, such as green tea, horsetail or Long tea to which celebrities have become addicted, but avoiding sweeten with sugar. This way you can control the intake of calories and keep the extra kilos at bay.

4. Enjoy smoothie’s gazpacho and natural these are some of the popular dishes that can be found in the kitchens of summer. Gazpacho is one of the most light and healthy dishes that can be consumed during the summer months, from traditional recipe to the more exotic. ‘s natural smoothies can be a perfect snack and refreshing for the summer months, learn to prepare.

5. Eat foods in season Bet to take the fruits and vegetables of summer. Fill your dishes with flavor and will help to show off a fine body and fit.

6. Pay attention to what you eat the cyclic fruit will help to prevent weight gain in summer

Seasonal fruit, your ally to prevent weight gain

And this not only applies to the most suitable food to keep your health intact, apply in the most literal sense. When its mealtime must focus on the foods you are eating and enjoy them. In this way you will eat slower and enjoy a moment of relaxation. If you eat slowly and without distractions better you control the quantity and come before satiety.

7. Choose foods pleasing Enter in your diet with higher proportions of vegetables to other foods such as meat or carbohydrates, have fewer calories and more satiated. The same applies to whole foods and legumes. For your drinks, bet on a handful of nuts, bring you more energy when you need it and control hunger.

Boasts fine figure during the summer thanks to a healthy diet and exercise

8. This opinion applies especially when we are on trip and do not make the usual breakfast. Many times it is hard to resist when you have a sweet front, especially first thing in the morning. Try to maintain a balanced diet at all times and start the day with a fruit salad, will help fill you and say no to that tempting croissant.

9. Change the poles ice cream Ice cream is one of the most tempting sweets of summer, but we can refresh in a more healthy and homemade. Get yourself some Thirst to make your own homemade ice best based fruit juice, you’ll love. Also ideal for smaller nibble.

10. Practice exercise any diet is lame if not accompany by physical train. Try to pick the coolest part hour for some exercise, continues the operation costume during summer also.

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