What is it and how does the raw diet

DietFoods that help you fight dehydration. This trend pleasure of tasting fruits and vegetables is in the U.S. and now also in Italy. But it has pros and cons. It is based, as the name suggests, the fact that you eat mainly foods not manipulated and altered by the heat, which makes losing the nutritional quality of foods, see vitamins, minerals, enzymes. But in reality, what you put on your plate? Essentially vegetables- fresh fruit, tropical dry, seasonal vegetables, legumes and sprouted seeds, seaweed.

Rarely those who follow this way of eating eats eggs to be cooked and also the portions of meat and fish are actually very small. But let’s see in more detail the advantages, disadvantages, and recommended foods to maintain a proper balance carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals also eating raw.

Pros and Cons

This type of diet has a high content of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, enzymes, and vitamins A, B, C that tend to degrade with heat. It also gives the body a greater supply of water that evaporates from the food during cooking. If you eat raw foods, however, introduce limited quotas of carbohydrates that come from the fruit. Furthermore, the raw food implies an excess of dietary fiber that in case of ulcerative can worsen the intestinal irritability. Getting used to the taste of natural, non-refined industrial processes promotes the rediscovery of the true flavors. Other advantages: the consumption of raw foods stimulates chewing slower thus promoting the processes of digestion and satiety, helps intestinal cleansing and reduces the formation of uric acid.

What to eat

The raw diet should be based mainly on fruits, vegetables, even pureed, nuts, seeds often consumed in the form of wheat or rice Gaba, germinated keeping it for about twenty hours in hot water at 38 ° C. Is frequently also used the coconut milk. It is suggested to include traditional Japanese sashimi fish, meat such as carpaccio, yogurt to provide the body with the proper protein content. Here’s a typical summer menu raw: at breakfast is the perfect seasonal fruit, cherries, for example, is indicated for lunch a big salad mixed with beef carpaccio and dinner Gaba rice, sprouts and tomatoes and basil over a banana is rich in carbohydrates , fiber, potassium.

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