Training for Women: Features

When designing a training program for a woman, only takes into account that some movements or exercises should not be performed by them, and that although we discussed are not easily hypertrophy could be that these exercises may affect aesthetics or the female form. Such is the case of the trapezius muscles of the middle portion of the pectoral and dorsal. This is not to say that you have to work, but the frequency in the training of these muscle groups should be less. However, if you’re a competitive bodybuilder, you need to work all the muscles equally.

Speaking of the middle portion of the chest, do not work the bench press movement in landscape mode, and it would decrease the size of the female breast when done consistently.

In order to gain either the tone or muscle growth, women should train your muscles to the same degree as men. Muscle is muscle, and responds to the same stimuli regardless of sex. You must use the same parameters or ranges of reps and sets, that is, 4 sets of 6-10 reps. The weight, the heaviest obviously you can, but that does not give the same weight to the movement execution goes out of control.

 All muscles need to be strong to fulfill their functions properly, do not forget they are a protection for our internal organs, and that the more powerful they are, we will have better support and helps to prevent us from injuries, falls, fractures, etc..

 Excessive training for legs

 Another very important issue is the custom they have to want to exercise your legs very often thinking that if two workouts a week is good, then three can be better. This is a paractice that can make your legs look more girls every day and with more fat around.

There are coaches that divide the lower body workout in leg and buttock, another question why are. It is clear that if you work that way, not rest any muscle group you are in that area, just to remember that you can not isolate a muscle and less in this section is made up of large muscle groups.

The fact just want to work the legs and forget exercise other muscles, muscular imbalances will generate, and injuries occur order soon.

Attempt to eliminate localized fat

 Let’s talk about another misunderstood concept is the fact believe that doing some moves with weights will make fat disappear in a given area, this is the example of either for lats or triceps or abdominal typical.

 These areas, both the abdominal, dorsal and triceps, are a fat deposit for all women and although they are devoted to this type of exercise, the fat will never succeed in that section unless it is to stop eating crap and run aerobic training program every day.

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