The secret to a flat stomach diet is really a flash?

flat stomach One of those questions that just can not stop us is like having a flat stomach? Seem strange but in this case the right answer is to follow a diet flash. Of course, fitness and balanced diet is the main requirement to have a flat stomach, mainly because it can happen that a diet with flash, in the long run, we run the risk of returning the lost pounds …

Despite having a flat tummy is our dream, sometimes it happens that because of laziness or boredom are not always able to consistently follow a diet, thus arriving unprepared for the test suit.

It is at this point that having a flat stomach turns into a race against time. We are willing to resort to any means in order to reach our goal, also choosing to follow a diet flash.

Do not be alarmed, because there’s always a quick diet to have an enviable flat stomach corresponds to a diet devoid of essential nutrients and unruly.

The nutritional therapist Alison Stork of Nuffield Health (UK), for example, recommends, for a flat stomach, a diet of only 3 days, which provides a full range of key vitamins and minerals, able to stabilize the amount of fat in ‘ body.

Try it for yourself to follow the advice of Alison Stork to have an enviable flat stomach in just three days!

Day 1 of the diet for flat belly flash

Breakfast: a bowl of porridge with a spoonful of chopped mixed seeds (pumpkin, flax seeds, sunflower).

Lunch: A bowl of soup with vegetables and lentils

Snack: A cup of yogurt with fresh fruit

Dinner: Grilled Salmon with two steamed potatoes.

Day 2 Diet flash for flat stomach

Breakfast: A boiled egg with a slice of wholemeal toast

Lunch: Hummus with mixed salad and a boiled potato

Snack: Fresh fruit with a handful of roasted nuts without salt

Dinner: Grilled chicken with rice and vegetables

Day 3 Diet flash for flat stomach

Breakfast: A cup of yogurt with a fruit to taste and a tablespoon of dried fruit

Lunch: Sardines on toast or a slice of rye bread with grilled tomato, a sprinkling of herbs and mixed green salad

Snack: A muffin oatmeal with cottage cheese

Dinner: Mashed lentils with steamed mixed vegetables

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