The new anti-cellulite diet

Weight loseTargeted exercises, treatments and procedures alone are not enough if they are not associated with a change in eating habits. One of the best allies to fight the orange peel skin cellulite laws and to improve the appearance and health of the legs is the correct diet. The skin called floating mattress’ says Prof.

Pierluigi Rossi – is not only the result of hormonal changes, heredity, lack of exercise or poor circulation problems. When the fat gets the upper hand on lean muscle mass, the Overall the balance of functional and aesthetic of the legs are in crisis the return of blood and lymph from the foot to the heart becomes difficult and the stagnation of water and sap in the tissues of the lower limbs appear to be visible forming cellulite.

Circulation problems, then, and an excess localized fat on the thighs and buttocks are the main accused, but how to eat to counteract the hateful imperfection? The adipocytes, the cells where it is deposited fat – says Rossi – through a diet that has two fundamental objectives: controlling the rise in blood glucose and an anti-acidity with alkalizing foods. In short, following dietary advice and sottoponendoti the right treatments, you too can more easily fight the orange peel on the thighs and buttocks.

4 to 1 is the winning formula of cellulite diet developed by prof. Pier Luigi Rossi. The specialist explained that to achieve effective power against hydrogen ions that alter the subcutaneous connective tissue, it is necessary to eat any food acidifying the body tissues see red meat, meats and cheeses of all kinds, four foods with energetic action alkalized. This pattern can be repeated weekly-agree with your doctor – this follows precise dietary choice.

Controlling the rise in blood glucose

What’s this? Glycemic peak is called the rapid increase in post-prandial blood glucose which occurs after two hours after a meal.

What is it? It is useful to control the secretion of insulin, the hormone that enters glucose and fat in the adipocytes. The insulin is not produced only under the stimulus of carbohydrates, but also with proteins and lipids. The fair distribution of these elements in each meal must be provided for each gram of carbohydrates, half a gram of protein and 250 mg of lipids.

Result: the control of insulin secretion is empty subcutaneous adipocyte volume of the thigh and buttocks and cellulite fades.

Action antacid

What’s this? You become acid when the normal aging or incorrect lifestyles, including poor nutrition, causing an excess of hydrogen ions into the cells.

What is it? Acidosis occurs on the state of the skin, which becomes pale and unclean on the hair, which appear dull and matted and nails. The connective tissue tends to ignite and will form the cellulite. To combat it, it is essential ensure adequate alkalizing action of the whole body through the diet that we offer.

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