The hateful extra weight that go away quickly

Diets tipsNew diet promises miracles born from the collaboration of two respected professionals. We are the first to talk about it, but they are already in many patients who are under the care of Dr. synergistic. Mario Gioia and Dr. Loredana Desiato. Those who are overweight often is aware of not being able to control the urge to eat food.

It is a hunger emotional to drive it in hiring high-calorie foods, says Dr. Desiato, Our system, the patch provides a tool, which helps the patient to avoid the uncontrolled intake of food thanks to a mechanism that forced limits the intake of solid foods. This system helps you gain self-control of food through a reflex that could be called nuisance = diet.

In making the days the patient learns to recognize that his hunger is often a conditioned reflex and not a real desire, this makes it easier to dominate the stimulus and re learn how to eat properly. All this encourages the patient to follow a personal nutrition plan and featuring a healthier lifestyle, which will allow it to maintain the results achieved.

How did the tiling of a specialist cosmetic surgeon to food science?

Came from the attention to the needs of the patient while wanting to solve surgically and quickly many problems should never neglect his state of health for a complete form of welfare, from the synergy between our figures the patient receives the best result

How many people are already subjected to this diet and with what results?

Our experience is still limited to about 100 patients. The creator of this system has treated about 2,500 patients while in the world are approximately 8000.

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