The diet of Princess Kate is similar to our ideal diet

Princess Kate dietThe wife of the future heir to the throne of England, Prince William, before the wedding followed a strict diet which has several similarities with our food trail, a successful diet, as evidenced by our readers.

But not only Kate, but also his fascinating sister Pippa and mother Carole were subjected to the same dietary regimen, which is called Dukan Diet and named after its creator, the nutritionist Pierre Dukan.

What is this diet?

On his website, Dukan says that the path slimming develops in four phases: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization.

The attack phase: Have two to seven consecutive days of pure protein, which is only meat, fish, eggs or cheese from skim milk, no fruit, vegetables or bread or pasta.

The cruise phase: The proteins are combined with the vegetables, but are still excluded starchy foods such as pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and legumes, and fruit. This regimen should be followed to achieve the ideal weight, it is individual basis to pounds to lose and therefore can last several weeks.

The consolidation phase: are introduced starchy foods, such as pasta and bread, legumes and fruits. Is allowed two free dinners a week, called the “gala meals,” where you can eat freely.

The stabilization phase: once won the right weight, the goal is to keep it off over time. You eat freely, keeping in life one day per week of pure protein.

Our food trail, designed and developed by Professor Pierluigi Rossi, medical specialist in nutrition and preventive medicine, an expert of the National Health Council, is based on the molecular method and not on the count of daily calories: a way of eating based on the nutritional values of foods and their right combinations. That is why the portions are generally free, except for the carbohydrates, which must be undertaken in a controlled manner.

As in the Dukan method, our diet emphasizes the precious virtue of oats, a cereal rich in soluble fiber which controls the absorption of glucose, avoiding abrupt increases in blood sugar and the hormone of hunger. But above all, has a capacity of lipolysis, which promotes weight loss.

Another common feature: the day totally protein which called the Dukan attack phase. In this way, to produce energy, the body will be brought to burn fat reserves in excess more quickly, precisely at the points where there are accumulations.

The difference is that Dukan prescribes two to seven consecutive days of sun proteins, based on pounds to lose. And until you reach the ideal weight are forbidden fruit, pasta, bread, rice and legumes. In our diet, however, do not rule out ever fruits except one day a week and already the fourth week of the system is increased the daily dose of carbohydrates, with rye bread and whole grains after the first. This order not to miss the right amount of all the nutrients essential to well-being.

Just like Dukan says, to keep the weight off over time is recommended one day a week as a rule totally protein food for life.

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