The diet for slow metabolism

dietEvery man and women overweight is the fault of my metabolism! This is the most frequent among the excuses that women use to justify the extra pounds, says the prof. Pierluigi Rossi, medical specialist in Food Science and Preventive Medicine. In fact, the complex chemical reactions that occur in our body is regulated by several factors: age, sex, and muscle mass in the body.

But if we exclude hormonal dysfunction, individual variations in metabolism are limited. Metabolism is slow, rather, a consequence of overweight and not the cause.

More protein, less carbs

More than the what is the what we eat to regulate our metabolic processes. For example, proteins contained in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and legumes, to be digested, they need more time than carbohydrates bread, pasta, rice, cereals. The body, therefore burning more and the effect you get is a sort of wake-metabolism.

But the benefits do not end there. A diet rich in proteins such as the one you propose, developed by prof. Rossi, without arriving at daily doses challenging for renal function maintains constant levels of insulin, the so-called hunger hormone, increases the feeling of satiety and stimulates the release of glucagon, a hormone that can mobilize and burn fat deposited.

Diet alone is not enough

It is important to remember that the greatest expenditure of energy is achieved with daily physical activity, assures prof. Pierluigi Rossi. What’s muscles are the so-called mitochondria, a kind of furnaces in which the fats are burned. More reinforce muscle mass, the higher the mitochondria. While we do sports, also, our metabolism increases significantly and remains high for several hours after training. Equipped with a pedometer, a tool that you can buy easily in all sporting goods stores and make sure you do at least 10,000 steps a day.

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