The diet for everyone

DietEating a varied and balanced, to lose weight and keep the weight off you have to follow a low calorie diet, without criminalizing fat but do not overdo it, says Dr. Marina Stone, dietitian at the Diagnostic Center Italian. The ideal is to eat fish three times a week, and to dress always use extra virgin olive oil raw. The recommended diet is useful for reducing the pounds while keeping the energy you need to train three times a week.

The doses are not given because it is not possible to generalize from this point of view, says Dr. Stone, but also because those who have a significant overweight to be deleted should first consult your doctor. To those who train early in the morning, I recommend to have breakfast after exercise with cereal, milk or yogurt. If you are exercising at mid-morning, breakfast should be lighter, with toasted bread with jam and tea. As the evening before a race or workout importantly, it is best to do a carb eating pasta for dinner instead of proteins.

For sports or not, the calorie intake of the day, however, is divided into 5 stages: 3 meals and 2 snacks. A fundamental number, because snacks and refreshments are used to stabilize the level of insulin, a hormone important for the viability of the cells, the excess of which is, however, fat and accelerates aging.

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