Some Foods that support recreation and lighten stress

lighten stressTend to talk about the most effective foods for weight loss, which give us extra energy, and help us to replenish and repair muscle tissues. Each is important to health. But there is another aspect in which food can also help us, besides the condition types of foods that promote relaxation and relieve stress.

When we talk about foods that promote relaxation, erroneously we can imagine a food that has a calming effect, when, in fact, has the effect example talked a drink to relax, when actually stimulates the body to produce the same hormones that are produced when we are under stress. Others, such as coffee or soda with caffeine, stimulate the nervous system. Salty foods cause fluid retention, which leads to heart problems and raise blood pressure. They should be avoided while trying to rest and relax.

1. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is rich in vitamin B6, as well as melanin. The first is known as anti-stress vitamin and also the last is known as a natural hormone that helps promote sleep.

2. Green tea. Contains some amount of caffeine, but not grades of coffee, but more than make up with an amino acid natural stress reducer. These acts as a natural mood enhancer by stimulating the production of alpha brain waves, which tend to emit when we are in a relaxed state. Furthermore, it is believed that green tea reduces high blood pressure.

3. The bananas. Persons who do weight training know the benefits of banana, because of their high levels of magnesium and potassium. These nutrients are natural muscle relaxants, and before our body can relax, we must ensure that our muscles also relax.

4. Celery. Even through history there are references celery as an antidote to stress.

5. Salmon and other water fish high in omega-3, which has numerous health benefits. One of them is to increase serotonin levels, reducing the absorption and adrenaline, anxiety-inducing recognized.

6. Milk. Some people take a glass of warm milk before bed, because it contains and when this is converted to serotonin can help us sleep. Skim milk is significantly better in the set, and calcium and vitamin D may also reduce depression and anxiety.

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