Simple tips to avoid the feeling of hunger.

Hunger dietFighting hunger, especially the nervous, it’s not as simple as you might think. In particular, when we face a diet, we run into those hunger pangs that we just can not resist. But what to do to ward off the unbearable sense of appetite? Here are some tricks to fight the monster of hunger and safeguard our weight.

Choose foods energizing

The first trick to stay satisfied between meals and the other is to choose foods that provide many nutrients and a high energy value. Of course, even if a can of Coca Cola can have the same calories of a slice of whole meal toast with cheese, the effects on our body are different. The Coca-Cola raises blood glucose levels to spike and then drop them leaving, after a while, an uncontrollable appetite. The bread with a piece of cheese, however, contains fiber and protein, which will give your body the boost it needs to face the day.

In any case, the golden rule is not to jump the three main meals or healthy snacks between meals and the other. Do not forget, then, drink plenty of water: dehydration, in fact, is likely to slow down your metabolism.

How to fight hunger: keep the cravings in check

It is easy to fall into temptation when it comes to food. As often happens with children, it happens often to associate sweets and other caloric gluttony to a sense of happiness. Birthdays, holidays, vacation … all occasions that tempt us and make us yield to the taste, forgetting the calories.

Cravings for sweets do not always go ignored, but it would be good to start to appreciate the flavors of foods more wholesome and genuine, so you do not always stop the desire for pizza and ice cream.

How to fight hunger: an attack of “snacks”

If you are afraid of ruining a diet making snacks throughout the day, you can rest easy. Eating healthy snacks is one of the keys to being successful in the diet. Smaller meals and snacks regular increase metabolism, by burning energy, so constant and throughout the day. The secret lies in choosing the right snack, which combines dietary fiber and a small amount of protein.

How to fight hunger here are some ideas to get started

  • Five-grain crackers with low-fat cheese;
  • A cup of homemade chicken soup;
  • A cup of low-fat yogurt with fresh raspberries;
  • A boiled egg and two whole-grain crackers
  • Half of a fresh avocado on a slice of whole meal toast
  • A handful a tablespoon of almond
  • Two slices of melon pieces with four grams of cottage cheese.

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