Simple diet tips for slim

DietsDriven by remorse for the sins of the throat to which it is assigned, but also by the desire to once again be able to wear that pair of pants at the bottom of the cabinet abandoned because become all too tight, we begin bravely forcing us to put ourselves on a diet most of the time to follow a diet too restrictive.

The illusion of weight loss

This behavior may initially give us some small results, unfortunately due to the loss of lean body mass, then muscles, and not fat mass, in practice, the initial weight loss will be a consequence of a condition of malnutrition due to a power too rigid.

The result of all this will be the inevitable stop of metabolism, in turn responsible for the arrest of the weight loss.

In practice, what happens is due to activation by the ‘body of a series of mechanisms required for the reduction of energy consumption because the drastic reduction of food introduced is interpreted as a period of famine, that can only be addressed by reducing the energy expenditure. At this point you need to reevaluate our eating behavior and lifestyle by putting in place the right strategies.

5 steps to get back into shape

1. Movement: First, the primary way to give a strong shock to the metabolism is the sport: it must be practiced consistently at least 2-3 times a week for at least 40 minutes. And ‘the basic alternating aerobic intensity exercise swimming, aerobics, cycling, running, etc.. With the anaerobic . It should be changed often to avoid the type of training that the body can get used to. We do not underestimate the benefits of many small daily gestures such as taking the stairs, walking with a brisk pace and the household chores.

2. Allocating the meals: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a poor: This is an old saying that describes in a very simple and direct the proper distribution of meals throughout the day. We start the day with a hearty breakfast, often forgotten and little regarded. The room should be discrete quantities, mainly base of complex carbohydrates, which are necessary to address the remaining part of the day, accompanied by a small percentage of protein. All must also be completed by a good plate of raw or cooked vegetables. The dinner instead must be more modest, this time based mainly protein and vegetables accompanied by a small percentage of carbohydrates. The proportion of carbohydrates differs so dramatically compared to lunch because excessive amounts contribute to the slowing of digestion which in turn could be responsible for a disturbed sleep. Two small snacks, one mid morning and one mid-afternoon, we help you get the lunch and the dinner without suffering from pangs of hunger. Another useful tip is to anticipate dinner snacking is obviously counterproductive waiting time to dine. Dine at 19.00 also in this way you will have the option either to digest better than they can consume more calories.

3. Via stress: We try to minimize the stress responsible for the increase of the hormone cortisol also responsible for the increase in the sensation of hunger. Of course, the fast-paced life that we live does not help us, but with a little ‘self-discipline we can achieve this goal.

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