Losing Weight with Diet Genetics

DietAre you always on a diet but the results are poor? Did you follow a diet that is right for you. In the past diets processed by different professionals required me diets difficult to follow, effective immediately, but not long-lasting.

The lack of carbohydrates also caused me fatigue. It depressed me. But then I discovered the formulated diet on my DNA.

Finally I can eat pasta, staying fit and in a good mood, says Bianca Del Carburetor, gold medalist in epee team at the 2009 World Championships.

It seems, in fact, that the axiom diet / DNA and is Vincent. Recent studies conducted by Stanford University in Pablo Alto, California, have shown that diets are more effective and lasting than those based on our genetic heritage, based on a sample of 141 women who are overweight.

Taking advantage of these findings, the scientists Laboratories G & Life Area Science Park in Trieste, in collaboration with the University of Trieste, have developed a home test non-invasive, created following the indications of nutritiousness, the discipline that studied variants of the genes from which depend on the response of our body to what we eat.

The test from home

The kit provides a container for saliva, that runs the DNA test, a test to measure the sensitivity to bitter and spicy, and a questionnaire to fill out with their habits and preferences groceries. All must be shipped to G & Life. Within four weeks of receiving the response with the customized diet based on genetic heritage, taste, lifestyle and food preferences.

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