How to lose weight with diet tips

DietsScarsdale Medical Diet is characterized by a strong reduction of carbohydrates, fats and sugars, and an increase in protein and carbohydrates of vegetable origin;

The maintenance diet is rather similar to the first but with a greater intake of carbohydrates and fats

By following this diet you will achieve slimming even half a pound a day but you will need to abide by a set of rules in order not to frustrate the final result:

1) Weigh yourself: First of all you need to weigh yourself every morning on an electronic scale and score in the table below the daily weight so as to realize the changes that will happen in a day 2) sugar: It is important not to use sugar, honey or cream for coffee or tea but a sweetener, paying attention to their nutritional values, since some sweeteners on the market have almost the same calories of sugar, it is better to avoid those based of aspartame as there are studies that consider it a carcinogen .

3) Alcoholic Beverages: do not drink alcoholic cocktail in the 2 weeks of MDS and in any case, avoid those sweets during both diets.

Are allowed: during maintenance diet 120 grams of wine a day, or 40 grams of strong liquor not sweet.

4) soft drinks: Coffee and tea are allowed all kinds, and all the soft light and diet tonic waters in trade always paying attention to the calories before you buy.

5) bread: eat bread only when expressly permitted during maintenance and not eat it more than 2 or 3 slices per day and used whole wheat bread because most rich in fiber.

6) Snack: do not eat between meals, and the only snack carrots and cucumbers are allowed, I suggest you to stock up.

7) Quantity ‘FOOD: Even if the quantities are free you should never overeat too, it is important to be satiated at the table but we must not, however, exceed otherwise you will not have the necessary reduction of the stomach.

8) Seasoning: do not use oil, butter, margarine during the diet SMD; better vinegar and lemon juice, while maintaining no more than a tablespoon of oil per meal.

9) Exceptions: Do not make substitutions as indicated for the day nor reverse the dining room with dinner and vice versa:

10) Types Of Food: you prefer lean foods, lean cuts of meat cooked without fat, cooked chicken breast or turkey without skin, low-fat cheese, skim milk, sweeteners.

11) Vegetables: all quantities are fine types and different qualities, because fiber-rich vitamins and minerals easily digestible carbohydrates for the body, in fact, as regards the vegetables can also perform variations compared to when given below.

12) Tree: a fruit being provided every morning, a fruit salad 2 times a week and at other times during the week is better not to eat it unless expressly provided for, except in cases of low blood sugar very possible that you can also eat a piece of fruit but they should not happen if you follow the rules.

13) Activity Physics: do not play too intense physical activity such as running or other aerobic activity since the Scarsdale diet is very restricted in carbohydrates especially if you are playing a sedentary job, better to do exercises to increase muscle tone only .

14) Rule Of 2 +2: Smd being that of a very restrictive diet does not have to follow it for more than 14 days at the end of which you can replace it with the maintenance diet that provides a higher intake of carbohydrates.

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