How to lose weight quickly and correctly

lose weightThe spring of every woman wants to put himself in order: to lose weight, freshen the complexion, strengthen hair, and make them live shine. All this can be achieved through diet. Of course, to recommend something specific to all impossible. After all, each of us is different circumstances, different problems and different input data. However, there are universal rules of a healthy diet. Relying on them, you can easily make an individual diet is full and comfortable for your daily life.

Doctors – naturopaths claim: regular cleaning of the body – is not only a guarantee of health, but also a way to look better. If you decide to clean the body, keep in mind that this procedure is not the easiest, it is required to prepare.

Cleaning the body can be done in different ways. The most famous ways: fasting, washing, a procedure that cleans the liver and bile ducts. But the preparation is always the same. On average, it takes a week.

For this purpose, the period of preparation limit ourselves in products that tend to form a kind of gel bodies, firmly locking breakdown products and not giving them out of the body. These products include: meat, fish, dairy products, refined cereals and products of refined flour bread, muffins, cookies, etc.. You can completely abandon them.

The emphasis is on fresh vegetables and fruits, solid, whole grains, nuts, unrefined virgin olive oil, herbal teas. What to drink? Juice and herbal infusions. Their particles absorb toxins and render out of the body.

For these purposes, you can use live or spring melt water. Good to add to the dish different warming spices: pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, onions and garlic. They are great improving intestinal motility, helping us get rid of the unnecessary. Just be careful: the spices cool kindle the appetite, and their surplus is very bad for the liver.

Such a diet – this is a preliminary cleansing of the body and the setting of selection for the following cleaning procedures.

One of the most effective means of cleansing the body – rice breakfast prepared by a special technique. For some time you eat for breakfast soaked rice and limit the total consumption of salt. This is a great tool to cleanse the body from the various deposits in the blood vessels, joints and other tissues. Pre-washed rice component, which constitutes the mucus in the body, the rice gets a porous and easily absorbs any formation of a micro, excess cholesterol mucus, bile, etc.. For this diet is better to cook all the meals of whole brown rice, but commercially it does not always happen, so you can cook regular rice, adding a third of the volume of dried wheat bran.

For the rice to cook breakfast four small glass jars or glass. On each jar is desirable to put down a marker.

In the morning the first day of the first jar sprinkled 2-3 tablespoons pre-washed rice and fill it with cold water. Cover the jar, but not very tight. On the second day from the first parson Fig washed and filled with fresh water. Take a second, there is poured 2-3 tablespoons of fresh rice, pour water and put next to the first. On the third day of the washed rice from both cans, change the water, fill the third jar. On the fourth – washed rice in the first three and the fourth is filled. In the morning of the fifth day you start rice breakfast.

Take the contents of the first jar, rinse and cook and eat without salt, sugar and oil. You can just pour the rice with hot water and wait 10 minutes – it will be ready. In the empty jar to sleep a new batch of rice and put it in the end “line.” Every day you have breakfast with rice, change jar every day. The process should take no longer than two weeks, you can even higher. Fig must soak for 4 days.

Cook rice for a brief period in a small volume of water. Should get the usual gruel. Some eat raw rice; it is quite edible after four days of soaking. Besides uncooked rice has anathematic activity.

The whole breakfast should consist of rice porridge. Nothing more. 20-30 minutes before breakfast drink a glass of water or herbal tea.

And most importantly – afterfour o’clockbreakfast do not eat or drink. After two or three hours might break your appetite, but you can not make even a sip of water. After four hours, you can have fine dining. A food choice for lunch and dinner is almost unlimited. Need only exclude sodium chloride and minimize the consumption of acid and acute. Alcohol use is also impossible. Otherwise, all the action will be to rice output alcoholic poisons.

Of course, completely eliminate the salt can not be, because it contains many of the products. But the less you will have salt, the more effective the cleansing action.

Contraindications to the rice breakfasts there.

There is another simple way to cook rice. Take kilograms of rice was placed in a pan filled with water, and every 20 minutes for washing with water. Repeat these procedures until the washing with water until no longer thicken. Then the rice is dried. For breakfast, take portions. 1 tablespoon rice add 1 teaspoon of wheat bran and cook 10 minutes. You can simply pour boiling water and leave for 20 minutes.

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