How lots of calories required losing weight?

losing weightThe average of calories taken in two days weekdays and weekend days 500kcal. Lose 0.5-1kg per week is right, if the weight is less than 0.5 kg, you can remove another 250 kcal.

And feasible to lose a few tens of grams per day- if the caloric requirement is 1800 calories a balanced diet of 1200 calories will be, because (1800×2: 3 = 1200). With 600 calories less, which means, given an average of 13 g per 100 calories, a weight loss of 78 grams per day then about 2.4 Kg per month without making too many sacrifices, just by reducing your calorie intake?

Do not ever follow a diet with less than 1200 calories a day if not supported by a doctor. In addition to counting calories dietitian takes account of the correct sequence of intake of food in order to reach a proper metabolism.

The foods vary and meet the caloric needs of each individual, even pasta, potatoes and bread are important and contribute to satiety and if seasoned simply are not too caloric.

What to do

Eat breakfast and always split meals; make the move, without overdoing it, but with a steady pace; eat plenty of vegetables 3 servings a day, fruit satiates but beware of sugar, use condiments sparingly: extra virgin olive oil, a little salt a tablespoon is the unit of measurement for oils and sauces to color and flavor foods using spices, lemon or fresh tomato sauce; weigh yourself once a week.

The risks

You may experience fatigue, lack of energy, it can cause nutritional deficiencies and muscle loss.

Typical Day

In a low-calorie diet, for breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, it is generally preferable to eat a yogurt or skim milk, accompanied by toasted bread or whole wheat bread. It best to use a sweetener instead of sugar, which contains more calories than the first. A perfect snack, mid-morning, it can be a fruit or a fresh fruit juice. Lunch may consist of a plate of pasta or rice, or by a second, for example, a slice of chicken breast with a slice of whole wheat bread.

Dinner should be a light meal, and then it is preferable to eat meat or fish with a side of vegetables.

An example of a low calorie day, which if followed consistently, will help in getting the ideal weight without much effort, is:

Lunch: 120 g of beef capricious with rocket salad seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil, served with grilled eggplant 200 g and 30 g of bread.

Dinner: 60 g of pasta with tomato and basil, followed by 200 g of green beans seasoned with a teaspoon of oil and 30 g of whole wheat bread.

The low-calorie diet menu on Sundays is free.

At mid-morning, it is advisable to avoid getting too hungry at lunchtime, eat a fruit or a juice.

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