Going on a liquid diet – a fashion trend in diet

juice dietLiquid diet entirely excluding solid foods, are gaining more and more popularity. As the National Post, it is believed the transition to allow the body to redistribute juices, energy, normally extending to digestion for behavior and updating body.

In the days of sitting on the juices blood is thinned, changing its chemistry. However, the method has many contraindications. In particular, it is dangerous for diabetics in the juice of a large meditation of sugar, drug addicts, and people taking medications such as antidepressants. Juices will enhance the effect of drugs, threatening overdose. It is not recommended to switch to juices pregnant or lactating.

Per day, for example, three dissimilar proposed drinking juice nut milk bottle of lemon juice and cranberry concentrate diluted in water. Store the juice can be just a couple of days. Such a diet is shown to public with acne, digestive problems, sleep disorders, night sweats. Juices improve liver function, kidney cleanse. The maximum duration of the diet – a week.

The juice of a lot of sugar, which nurture the brain. But there is no fat and protein required for assimilation of vitamins. As for weight loss, it is probable mainly due to the bowel cleansing. About burning fat out of the question.

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