Get back in shape after the holidays and vacations

Slim figureYou feel exhausted, swollen, you have nauseated after drinking and eating too much, now you have to run for cover. Here are our recommendations to remedy the excesses and get back in shape after the holidays.

You feel like you have gone too far? Do not panic: not sure to put on weight 10 pounds, not even 2, it is impossible. A big meal once in a while, in fact, has no effect on weight. When, after a meal heavier, the balance goes crazy, it is primarily an excess of water, as a lunch at the restaurant or friends is often saltier than its normal. Following a balanced diet , you will return to your original weight within a few days.

The first thing to avoid, compensating for the large excesses due to one or many holiday feast, is fasting. If you skip a meal, you feed too little, or you promote a single type of food , is likely to confuse the body, setting in motion his survival system- storage.

But after an excess can compensate for eating one or two meals, 2 boiled eggs without the yolk rich in protein, very good to break the appetite and maintain muscle mass, raw vegetables without oil and / or steam at will rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, to meet and rehabilitating the body, and a yogurt low-fat sugar-free for an extra supply of protein and calcium.

The next few days, it is essential that a balanced diet, avoiding fatty foods meats, fried … and desserts ice cream, candy …, and by promoting lean foods meats, fish, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables Depending on your appetite, please do not hesitate to decrease the portions.

When you eat too much, especially too much fat and sugar and sometimes too much alcohol, the digestive organs are overworked, the body struggles to eliminate waste and toxins. That’s why the next few days are hard at parties-dull, persistent fatigue, headaches, puffy eyes, difficult transit and swelling. To delete, favors a diet of detoxifying foods: whole grains, green tea, raw fruits and vegetables and / or cooked vegetable oils. These foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants help your body to cleanse gently and regain tone. Avoid fried instead, meats, cheeses, sweets, refined grains, saturated fats butter, meat..  Make a small sacrifice will do you good.

To speed up the purification process, it is also recommended to drink plenty of water especially water rich in bicarbonate, magnesium and calcium and herbal teas herbal digestive virtues artichoke, fennel, Boldo, radish, lemon balm … , and also to eat soups and broths .

Finally, it is vital to be outdoors and do some of movement, such as walking and breathing deeply inspiring.

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