Fun alternative to stay in shape

Fun alternative to stay in shapeThe flash that often follow diets and fitness workouts that we have to do to tone up and lose weight, a day of rest is a must. But the good news is that in our day-free diet and fitness you can gain the same benefits with just a simple laugh.

Laughing to lose weight

The studies carried out by Argue that laugh often has on our body, effects similar to those of a moderate fitness session. Not to mention that laughter improves mood as well as the immune system reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have discovered that laughter can be a good exercise for the heart. Their research suggests that 15 minutes of laughter a day helps blood vessels to function better and has health benefits similar to a workout at the gym.

 Popcorn:- a snack dietary

If the pangs of hunger are on the rise, try eating the popcorn. The popcorn, in fact, are a great alternative to all those snacks high in sugar and calories that would ruin our diet. Joe Vinson, a researcher at the University of Scranton, found that the popcorn contain nearly twice the amount of antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables. The popcorn, then, in addition to being low in calories, are rich in fiber and help to reduce cholesterol.

Chocolate: a perfect antioxidant

Good news for chocolate lovers. Scientists have discovered that small amounts of dark chocolate are an aid to our health. Researchers at Wayne State University have shown that a plant compound, present in chocolate stimulates the same muscle response to an exercise and may also help slow down the aging of muscle. Furthermore, research has suggested that chocolate could be almost as healthy as the fruit, having a considerable amount of antioxidants.

Music to stay fit

The music for running, to make fitness but also only to be played in total tranquility: the result seems to be, in any case, the same. A study conducted by Sussex University and the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig,Germany, found as listening to music for just 50 minutes a day leads to an increase of antibodies in the body. Researchers at the University of Maryland School Of Medicine in Baltimore have, then, argued that the benefits of music include faster recovery from trauma, better pain tolerance and a great help for mental health.

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