Five minutes of this powerful exercise slim

exercise slimAn hour walking NO causes hormonal changes that lead to weight loss. On the other hand, five minutes of these exercises routines are adequate.

Augment the intensity until you experience anxious in the evenings. Exercise decreases hunger. So the existence that you do these routines will not need as much protein to manage your appetite.

Routine exercises first rules

Makes 20 second intervals of these 12 exercises and take it easy 5 seconds flanked by each.

1. Jumping jacks: opens and closes her legs while jumping

2. Sitting on the wall said: sit against the partition

3. Bending Elbows: lie down and try to push you up supports knees so not so tricky

4. Abdominal: lie downward and try to raise your legs to your upper body

5. Situate on a chair

6. Squatting

7. Triceps stated in a chair the triceps is the muscle of the reverse of the arm.

8. Lizards: supports the forearm and hold that position

9. Raise your knees

10. Lunges the most excellent of all exercises.

11. Flexion of elbows and rotate

12. Lizards side Exercise

Routine exercise second rules

Stairs in your building

Put in intensely and every 2 floors resting 5 seconds. Baja with care and back up. Increase the speed until you reach your supreme weight.

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