Anti cellulite body wrap

body wrapA lot of different ways and procedures to maintain your body beauty. One of the most popular treatments is currently wrapping. How to spend wrap and how it works? And will reveal the secret of beauty. Wrapping is a set of procedures forĀ therapy. Now this procedure is undergoing a boom thanks to the cult of ideal forms.

First of all, wrap well to fight cellulite. The result is visible with the naked eye after the first session, and that this effect did the procedure wraps so popular. Many believe that this goes away excess fat, guilty in the formation of orange peel, but this is not the case. Destroy fat wrapping can not do.

Certainly, when for the first three days after the start of wraps you loose in the waist and hips up to 3 cm, there is a feeling that the procedure eats the extra weight. But the effect is not due to the disappearance of fat, and due to the outflow of excess water from the tissues, which makes these centimeters. Unfortunately, as quickly and easily lost water as easily and be reimbursed.

Cellulite Problem

But do not be discouraged. Wraps are really struggling with cellulite, they pulled up, align and young skin, improving lymph circulation and nourish the skin cells . And to secure the wrapping effect must be combined with other anti-cellulite treatments – dissimulation, massage, exercise and proper nutrition.

The number of wraps and their outcome depends on the degree of cellulite, age and individual characteristics of the organism. The minimum recommended rate – 6 treatments, the maximum – about 15.

All wrapping mechanism of action are divided into cold and hot . When hot through the open pores of us take off toxins. They are indispensable in areas with cellulite with a dense layer of fat buttocks, thighs, possibly abdomen.

When cold wrap capillaries and blood vessels to constrict, and blood and lymph carry toxins and waste in the internal cleansing organs. It is recommended for edema, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, as well as rehabilitation after sclero therapy of veins. And it is indispensable to improve lymphatic drainage wrap leather wrap is ideal for areas with high sagging skin.

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