Vegetable diet Protein watches your weight

slim tipsThe unite business with enjoyment  Protein-Protein vegetable diet is vegetable diet irregular vegetables and protein products. It is able to observe for two to four weeks. Throughout this time you determination not only lose weight, but also cure your body. Typically, within 7 days you can get rid of extra pounds 4. If you decide to try this method of weight loss, keep in mind that any protein and vegetable diet Рthat some of the limitations in the food.

We must renounce the potatoes, fat and vegetable oil and bread. But you can safely have a favorite meat and fish dishes, as well as all sorts of vegetables and fruit salads. The list of “allowed” foods goes like this: zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, low-fat cottage cheese, grapefruit, etc.


weight loss plan for vegetableIt is most excellent to consume food at least 4 per day. The consequence will be maximized if you eat dinner not later than 4-5 before go to divan. There is smooth more extreme protein and vegetable diet -Brazil. Outset, stipulation you do not similar to eggs, she will no hesitation you will not do. In addition, it is not compulsory to sit on the gluten-free diet is a diet that people who have kidney disease.

Example menu is as follows: Date of 1st, 2nd: For breakfast, lunch, and dinner cook an egg, cook a small cup of coffee, and eat an apple. 3rd day: Breakfast is Boil 2 eggs. For lunch, prepare the spinach and one hundred grams of meat. Intended for dinner, cook the spinach salt-free diet egg. 4th day: For breakfast, prepare a boiled egg. For lunch, get ready 150 gram boiled fish and a small tomato.Intended for dinner, prepare a cup of coffee and boil two eggs. 5th day: For breakfast, drink a little cup of coffee and eat a boiled egg.

For lunch, get ready two eggs and a tomato. Designed for banquet, eat fried fish on the grill and vegetables 2nd day: 2nd day: intended for breakfast, drink a small cup of coffee and get ready one boiled egg. For lunch, eat a cucumber and 100 gram meat. Meant for dinner, eat veal, cooked on the grill and tomato, drink coffee. 7th day: For breakfast, prepare a cup of coffee and cook an egg. Lunch? Chicken cooked without fat, coffee, tomato for dinner? Chicken, coffee in adding together to apple.

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