Tips for Gaining Weight

Diet TipsAlthough it sounds rather strange to us, there are plenty of thin people who want to gain weight for what it costs them to get to the normal intake of calories and are more complicated when up to exceeds the amount of calories recommended. If this is your case, you should take note of these tips and guidelines to increase your weight.

 It incorporates four major meals a day and two secondary outlets. Choose calorie-dense foods, small size that has lots of calories.

You should drink plenty of carbohydrates but remember that what we seek is to increase healthy weight so you should not overuse very greasy sweets.

Enrich your meals, for example if eating meat is preferable that the engagements to consume grilled, as the breadcrumbs and egg contributes more calories.

You can eat the fruit liquefied milk, because if you consume only fruit provide fewer calories, if you opt for powdered add even more calories to food.

Consume nuts, foods are more calorie density.

If you want you can also take powder preparations containing more calories, vitamins and minerals.

Accompany your meal with rice. Rice is a is rich in carbohydrates and starch which increases the calories. Instead contains no fat, cholesterol or gluten so we will be increasing subtract the calories but not health. Since rice is very versatile can accompany the dishes or make a main course. The whole grain rice longer the more calories it contains, and the least are short white rice and baptismal.

Other foods that you may be interested to do this type of diet are cereals so a good bowl of breakfast cereal or muesli, you can also take them at night with yogurt or as bread, cereal flours in energy or meals

Another most interesting foods when they gain weight is tuna, although fish are associated with weight loss diets is not always so. Tuna is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 in addition to large amounts of folic acid, vitamins and proteins such fish has more calories which is what interests us.

Accompany your meal with bread. Take your breakfast cereal and a snack. And if it’s to your liking your muesli with yogurt mixture. Take a glass of milk and cookies before bed as desired.

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