Special children diet

slim tips for childThe diet figures 5 chosen in diseases of the liver, gallbladder and billiard lesions of the whole system hostilities  hepatitis, anesthesiologist  The reason of the children diet – standby the diseased organs excess, perfunctory, substance and thermal.

English 21 day diet consequences excluded on or after the diet foods and dishes, aggravating the liver and gall bladder and make a reimbursement to stone formation, limit the quantity of carbohydrates, introduce the products to help accurate the intestines and improving bile providing a enough amount of protein especially milk with curd overweight and a vegetable oil and butter.

slim tipsfigure 5 in the diet can not be used and dishes rich in extractions broth, onions, sorrel, radish, mushrooms, salty and acidic foods, broths, sauces, fatty foods Cubans products, beans, rye bread, pastry, chocolate, cocoa, roasted dishes. We supporter the subsequent products: lean meat, fish particularly cod, soaked herring, dairy products, eggs, cereals especially buckwheat, oats, fresh vegetables especially carrots, pumpkin, and watermelon, fruits, juices, honey.

Each and every one dishes are completed 5 children’s diet is boiled, steamed, baked or as a steamed, meat and fish – from the cutlet and chopped mass. Products tenderize awaiting soft. In order not to slow down the growth and development of a sick child, the foundation of the diet rules takes nutrients for healthy children. Approximate daily set of products for food preparation diet numeral 5 for children of different age and chemical composition of the diet.

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