Mini liposuction

has always been associated with obese people who desirable surgery to lose weight. Now comes the mini liposuction particularly aimed at those who have a good figure but not overweight, have accumulations of fat positioned in areas such as saddlebags, knee or belly.

 The mini-tummy location themselves as the best treatment to eliminate localized fat in areas such as love handles, abdomen, or knees, in those cases where despite diets exercise or eliminate such clusters is achieved. Due to the great advances in terms of comfort for the patient, in most cases is an under local anesthesia without income.

 The mini liposuction is a suitable and successful technique


The procedure is simple and is based on traditional liposuction: a small incision is made in the area by introducing the hollow canola. At the other end, the is attached to a vacuum-producing machine. Breaks suctioned fat and moving the  from the fatty deposits located under the skin. Once the -liposuction, and if the patient wishes, the doctor can take to fill excess fat from small areas such as cheeks or lips to larger areas such as the breast and thus get a breast augmentation with  fat or buttocks, depending on the amount of fat removed.

“This treatment is very comfortable and practical, as the fat is removed the patient does not want and injected where needed. Technique is very convenient because the patient did not suffer side effects may be its own fat. After surgery, the doctor recommends the placement of a strip, medium or elastic bandage over the treated area for the mini-liposuction to control swelling and get help skin adapt to the new contour, for about 3-4 weeks .

They may return to the daily routine in two days and more intense activities in 2-4 weeks. One of the most important developments of mini-liposuction is the virtual elimination of scars.

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