How to get rid of stretch marks on the body

stretch marks Stretch marks – the people called stretch marks – white or purple lines. Stretch marks on the body can lead to discouragement any woman, and even more than the cellulite. Stretch marks occur for various reasons: it may be the first early before 20 years pregnancy

Get rid of or improve the skin with stretch marks can and should be. To get rid of existing stretch marks will have to refer to specialists. There are a number of procedures that will help your skin look healthy to acquire the former.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is carried out quickly and without bloodshed. The scanning beam removes the top layer of the skin, tightens and rejuvenates. Restoring color after laser resurfacing stretch marks occur within a few weeks. The final cosmetic effect can be observed in a few months.

Acid peels

For this purpose, trichloroacetic acid used successfully. Combine this treatment is best with mesotherapy.


In conventional immunotherapy by injection is administered into the skin of biologically active substances which crushed large molecules into smaller fat, detoxify and cholesterol significantly improved appearance.

same substance “are driven” into the skin using oxygen under pressure. This process is less painful, but also effective.


And wanting to get rid of stretch marks and lose weight at the same time, experts advise a course of acupuncture for skin tightening. You will not only achieve the objectives, but also increase your overall skin tone, improve the well-being of the body and forget about chronic fatigue.

But for the prevention of stretch marks (striae) should perform some suggestions:

Make sure that your food was daily foods containing potassium (tomatoes, bananas), vitamins A and E, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, such as soybean oil.

Very useful plucking massage. Thumb and index finger gently pinch the abdomen, thighs, breasts and buttocks to a slight redness. Very good to combine a massage with special creams and gels from the stretch.

A very effective treatment – wraps. For this purpose, formulations based on medicinal herbs such as horsetail, as well as essential oils or algae with hot or cold composition.

You can see the effect immediately, but to save the result to go through the entire course. Then stretch the chances of “survival” just will not stay!

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