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Diet TipsFortunately, we live in a developed country where quality of healthy life is more than acceptable. However, it is also true that we lack the necessary physical culture to provide us with a quality of life even better.

A lack of comprehensive education, a health system based more on medication than prevention or little regard to the physical education course by the educational system, are just some of the factors driving this mentality that keeps us from attending to the care of ourselves the way it truly deserves.

 But it does not stop there, because if we add the competitiveness in which we are immersed, the consequences for our health can be really negative, creating stress, anxiety, inactivity and disorders of various kinds.

We must realize that health is our most important, and that all is not ambition or dedication to professional tasks, but also requires the dedication to oneself, to one’s own person, in interaction with others and with the Nature.

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