Healthy exercise to lose weight

Diet TipsExercise sober ajar escapers On many occasions we have the opportunity to exercise, even when we work, but we refused for convenience. The elevator has made something as simple as climbing stairs is increasingly obsolete, but is shown to change this aspect in our lives is beneficial to our health.

This study was approached by  determined that replacing the elevator for the stairs in a period of three months is improved remarkably fitness. Further concluded that reduces the volume of the waist and the body fat and thereby losing weight. Are attributed to other benefits such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and consequently decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease very common in sedentary people.

The aerobic exercise training as it reduces the risk of death from any cause by 15%, this is the most relevant to this study. The benefits also found improved muscle tone,  buttocks, burn calories and help fight and reverse the fat nodules that cause cellulite.


This exercise combined with walking about 30 minutes a day is one of the most recommended for people with diabetes or cardiovascular problems as it helps to improve your fitness, so much so that it is vitally important to conduct some type of physical exercise both for these people, as for healthy people to reduce the risk of these diseases.

To think that simply changing certain aspects of our lives can report us many benefits and leave the sedentary lifestyle is a good reason to get going and start practicing this exercise that requires no previous knowledge to performance and start enjoying its benefits. If in your work you do not have stairs do an average of 23 a day up and down and start to notice the benefits and barely any effort. Do not hesitate, join this activity and improve your life.

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