Eating too much at night

Diet TipsThe sensation of appetite in the morning and big appetite at dinner and evening characterize the night eating syndrome.

People suffering from the so-called “night eating syndrome night eating syndromes have several points in common: lack of appetite in the morning, even just eat in the first half of the day, and strong appetite in the second part of the day.

This leads them to overeat at dinner and during the niche’s these symptoms are others, such as insomnia and frequent awakenings, accompanied in many cases by hunger and overwhelming need to eat.

 In dietary consultations in psychiatry also find people with very definite abnormal eating behavior. They have concern and anguish as the time of day you feel Weight loss of control for food at night, not only to the dinner, but in the course of the night.

These are people who suffer insomnia and wake up several times feeling very hungry which causes them to get out of bed and eat. This is an eating disorder characterized by resynchronization of food intake , observed in a high percentage of obese people.

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