Eat more often to lose weight

Ideally for not presenting any nutrient deficiency is to eat plenty of all food groups, however this results in high caloric intake. Therefore, the more we are able to consume calories, but we eat the more food groups can choose, more than likely have a varied diet and lower risk of some deficit. To this must be added the pleasure we feel when eating more quantity.

In addition, increasing the number of meals we have seen that positively influences the metabolic rate increase since the processes of digestion, metabolism and absorption of nutrients, represents extra work for body functions.

A decrease in glucose levels prolonged fasting periods is not very positive to eliminate hunger. We’ve all seen and when we feel hungry, we eat greedily and although we know that we have had enough, we still continue to want to ingest more food:

This mechanism is that they do not rise to the level of blood glucose, hypothalamus not detect it and hence no feeling of fullness. Receivers to bring the feeling of fullness and hunger disappears, is found on the walls of the stomach, stimulating when it has relaxed and hypothalamus, stimulating when blood glucose levels are restored. When these two mechanisms are canceled, it is too late, we’ve eaten too much. Thus we can say that the best time to eat is when you are not hungry, we should not wait for start up the mechanism of the hunger feeling is very powerful and difficult to placate.

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