Diet Tips for Diabetics

 You have diabetes you’ll probably agree that it’s attractive tedious. And if you’ve been diagnosed with per-diabetics, you’ll want to know pardon? the penalty of this disease.

 You’ll have to organize your glucose levels in the blood, the mealtimes, perhaps taking insulin or ant diabetic as motorman. Exercise, and normally be aware of the lot you’re doing at any time of day.


 Nosecone sober la diabetes

 To prevent this disease, decrease your symptoms or the amount of drugs that you need to drink; here is some dietary advice for diabetics.

 Eliminate refined foods

 With refined foods I mean the typical sweets, white rice, white bread … Instead of consuming this food consumed untreated, in which case rye bread, brown rice, oatmeal … With more fiber slows the incorporation of carbohydrates, helping to maintain stable levels of blood glucose and do not shoot, having to, in this case, control by using drugs. Also note that provoke more glucose peak with peak I mean a large increase in a short period of time will be more resistant to insulin, so you contain to increase the dose or you’ll be closer to being diabetic.

 Construct smaller, more common meals

 When small meals at more frequent intervals we must not go to extremes and make 12 meals daily we can better be in charge of our blood glucose levels. Also also, if you have a meter, you can try different types of crabs and see how your body reacts to these and can customize to better improve our diet and our state.

 Consume omega

 First in this case, you should avoid saturated fats as it increases insulin resistance in peripheral tissues.

You have got to also reduce your intake of omega-6 fats and increase your intake of omega-3 and 9. Why reduce omega-6? This is because the human body is designed to consume a diet with a ratio 1:1, or 3:1 in the most awful case of omega-3 and 6 for the omega-6. With the modern diet, we have a ratio of up to 20:1 in favor of omega-6, you see the problem? This causes a large enlargement in the body, onset of disease, increased insulin resistance, increased cholesterol, etc…

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