Design Diets for Weight Loss

Diet TipsIn the event that a person has as objective to lower your body weight loss trying to reduce your body fat percentage, it is necessary a negative energy balance, ie to consume more calories than you eat.

 Therefore, we must reduce the estimate of daily caloric intake. This reduction can be done in several ways:

 1 Progressive: reduce a small percentage each week. Suffice to reduce only between 2% and 5% each week.

2 Blocks: reduce the amount each month. For example 10% each month.

 3 Once: reducing stroke and maintain it.

 4 I recommend you follow a progressive reduction. It should also be noted that:

 5 The total amount of reduced percentage should not exceed 20% of the total.

 6 It should be maintained for long periods of time with caloric restriction.

 7 Each person responds differently and in different time periods, we must wait for the body to respond.

 8  From our point of view is preferable to propose a steady decline in people needing to lose a high fat, however in people considering a target definition, losing fat is not much and can propose the change of intake fastest way calorie diets and scabrous. En find several examples of weight loss diets.

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