Diet Maintainer Ideal

Diet TipsThis diet has been created for those people who feel they have reached their goal weight and want to recover the lost kilos already at the time.

When a person has reached or is close to their ideal weight should perform a maintenance diet, because if eating normally again would progressively take the weight off. Such regimes are more permissive, since the person is at your desired weight.

Because we can not remain forever on a diet, this regime poses as a solution; rewarding weekend if we have carried out during the week a proper diet. The intent of this diet is to remain at least five days a week, eating healthy, treat ourselves to a dinner and a meal at the weekend.

This diet should be accompanied by great caution and control, and that prizes must rationalize sparingly. The first few weeks will be small but the reward will increase if we get week after week maintain ideal weight.

During the first week the prize will be dinner on Saturday, and the rest of the day will follow a strict dietary regimen. If after that week we continue in the right weight, the next reward will be at dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday Sunday dinner being very light. If we follow in ideal weight, we also reward us with some sweet a week but always in moderation.

Below is an example for the first week, then you should contact a nutritionist to modify the pattern with menus similar to those offered below.

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