Healthy Living

Diet TipsFortunately, we live in a developed country where quality of life is more than acceptable. However, it is also true that we lack the necessary physical culture to provide us with a quality of life even better.

A lack of comprehensive education, a health system based more on medication than prevention or little regard to the physical education course by the educational system, are just some of the factors driving this mentality that keeps us from attending to the care of ourselves the way it truly deserves. Continue reading “Healthy Living”

Special Registration food

Diet TipsAccording to experts, when it comes to establishing a clear diagnosis of the night eating syndrome requires that food intake after dinner was at least half of the daily energy intake.

The way to know as precisely as this information is that the person write down everything you eat throughout the day, which in clinical nutrition technique called food log or “24-hour recall.” Continue reading “Special Registration food”

Pinnacle tips for slimming legs.

slim tipsWhat time we started dieting and exercising to manner up your body and get slight legs, with time and effort, go shaping our silhouette. A few changes are visible in a matter of weeks while others may take a couple of months. Let tricks.

On the other hand, not all body parts are transformed at the identical rate. at the same time as some find it very easy “download” ass or lose weight, others discover it easier to get a flat stomach. But there are numerous women who wish for to slim legs as fat accumulates in the legs, a difficult place to work and improve. Still get an attractive result is difficult but not impossible. Continue reading “Pinnacle tips for slimming legs.”

Special Weights and women

Diet TipsCurrently more and more women choose to use weights and bodybuilding routines to improve their bodies and sculpt your curves.

Unfortunately many women still think that doing weight training or hypertrophy means giving grow muscularly masculine appearance. Nothing is further from reality, the weights have become a new ally for the woman who wants to look toned, feminine, healthy and also lose weight.

 The fear that some women suffer acquire look “mannish” if they train with weights without foundation. Even men should work hard for months to produce a noticeable change in your muscles. Continue reading “Special Weights and women”

Rebound effect to lose weight

Diet TipsThe human body is a wonderfully tuned machine that has been refined for thousands of years, adapting to the needs of each period, works every minute to survive in adversity of the environment.

 The patient developed power saving mechanisms, because the food was not available at all times, with frequent periods of famine in the past. Each time a person starts a diet low in calories, the genetic memory kicks in and the situation is interpreted by the body as the body responds to these situations with defense actions, start saving energy and makes one of two ways: Continue reading “Rebound effect to lose weight”

Design diets for weight loss

Diet TipsIn the event that a person has as objective to lower your body weight trying to reduce your body fat percentage, it is necessary a negative energy balance, ie to consume more calories than you eat.

 Therefore, we must reduce the estimate of daily caloric intake. This reduction can be done in several ways:

 1 Progressive: reduce a small percentage each week. Suffice to reduce only between 2% and 5% each week.

2 Blocks: reduce the amount each month. For example 10% each month.

 3 Once: reducing stroke and maintain it.

 4 I recommend you follow a progressive reduction. It should also be noted that:

 5 The total amount of reduced percentage should not exceed 20% of the total. Continue reading “Design diets for weight loss”

Sample Diet to lose weight

Sample DietTo learn the habits and top tips you should know do not forget to carefully read section Weight Loss before starting any diet practices of herein. The key here is to maintain or even increase protein intake while lowering the other macronutrients.

High protein and carbohydrate intake moderate

 Multiply the initial weight with diet is initiated by 25

 The percentage of nutrients is 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate, 20% fat.

 Come up with an example of a 80kg man: Continue reading “Sample Diet to lose weight”

Eating too much at night

Diet TipsThe sensation of appetite in the morning and big appetite at dinner and evening characterize the night eating syndrome.

People suffering from the so-called “night eating syndrome night eating syndromes have several points in common: lack of appetite in the morning, even just eat in the first half of the day, and strong appetite in the second part of the day.

This leads them to overeat at dinner and during the niche’s these symptoms are others, such as insomnia and frequent awakenings, accompanied in many cases by hunger and overwhelming need to eat. Continue reading “Eating too much at night”

How to get rid of stretch marks on the body

stretch marks Stretch marks – the people called stretch marks – white or purple lines. Stretch marks on the body can lead to discouragement any woman, and even more than the cellulite. Stretch marks occur for various reasons: it may be the first early before 20 years pregnancy

Get rid of or improve the skin with stretch marks can and should be. To get rid of existing stretch marks will have to refer to specialists. There are a number of procedures that will help your skin look healthy to acquire the former.

Continue reading “How to get rid of stretch marks on the body”

Physical activity during magnetic storms

Physical activity during magnetic storms is better to reduce But between magnetic storms useful to do exercises to improve blood circulation and metabolism, strengthen the nervous system. In the evening, follow this complex both between and during magnetic storms, but in the days of flares breathing during exercise is even slower and quieter than usual days.

• Initial position standing, hands on hips. Take a slow, moderately deep breath, sucking with the stomach. Exhale sharply and strongly.

 • Start out same. Exhale sharply and strongly, as plunging stomach, hold your breath for 6-8 seconds. Breathe freely relax the muscles of the abdominal cavity.

  Continue reading “Physical activity during magnetic storms”