What cardiovascular exercise to eliminate belly fat?

fitnessThe exercises to remove belly fat you will need a physically powerful desire, a little time and you will be able to show off a beautiful belly soon, and most prominently – without costly. So what are the exercises can remove belly fat? These exercises are exercises for the press and a hoop. With the hoop you will warm up the muscles on his stomach and start accelerating blood circulation, and as a result the metabolism in the skin and muscles. The hoop will help you warm up for more serious abdominal exercises.

These exercises in the complex can be for a short time to remove belly fat:-

Abdominal exercises in the abdominal area are divided into three types. First for the muscles of the upper press, the second – for the bottom, and the third to the lateral abdominal muscles. It is best to exercise to remove the stomach before breakfast or three hours after eating.

For the most effective results, each exercise be supposed to be performed for 20 or 25 times. Maybe at first you will need two approaches, but a week increase the load to normal.

These exercises for the upper part of the press can eradicate belly fat

Need to lie on your back, legs to bend at the knees, toes should be off the floor, his hands are behind his head. Exhaling air up from the floor the upper torso so that your shoulder blades quite a bit up from the floor, no longer required. When you inhale, return to starting position. It is important to follow the order to lift the body through the abdominal muscles, not by the force of arms.

These exercises for the subordinate part of the press can remove belly fat

Lie down on your back with both hands to put the head, legs to bend at the knees and place them parallel to the floor, feet to bend iron. Exhaling, straighten your legs and move them away, keeping parallel to the floor. When you inhale, return to starting position.

Remove stomach exercises for oblique

Lie down on your back with both hands to put over his head, bend your legs at the knees and place them parallel to the floor, feet to bend iron. Exhale, stretch to the left knee right elbow, breathing, return to the starting position. Next, stretch your right knee to the left elbow, respectively. Performing this exercise ensures the participation of all groups of abdominal muscles. Control yourself during the exercise; “curl” must be carried out only by an effort of the abdominal muscles.

 Calmly lie down on the floor, knees bent and slightly apart. With the power of “push” back to the floor. Grasp your hands on the inner side of the thighs and push them away from you.

Lifting his head forward, release your shoulders off the floor. In this case, make sure that part of the spine – from the shoulders down – lies flat on the floor. In this position, move your upper body back to 10-15 cm Movement should be free and slow. Head all the time directed upwards.

Do this three times and relax while prone. Repeat.

  Lie down on the floor in the same position. Raise both legs at 10-15 cm above the floor.

Raise your head and shoulders, guiding the ceiling perpendicular to the straightened leg.

If you can, keep your foot vertically without using their hands. Hands also pull in front of you as if you want them to be a few inches longer.

Do not forget that the lower back and buttocks should fit snugly to the floor.

 Again in the same prone position raise both legs. Grasp it and pull in the direction of the head and shoulders knees.

Now lower your legs and holding outstretched hands as far as possible, gently twist the upper body – 15 cm forward and the same back. Follow 100. If you have weak legs can bend your knees.

  If you want to remove the stomach, it is important to know the following.

The above exercise will produce a greater effect when the last exercise to add a lock body. Exhale, hold the body for a few seconds while holding your breath, and only then return to starting position. Proper breathing during your training – the key to success. It reduced expiratory muscle and burn fat. It is recommended to inhale nose, mouth and exhale.

In order to remove belly fat and keep it that way, do not go up during exercise too high, it will be enough angle of 45 degrees. This is important given the pace and number of repetitions. It would be best if you can gradually increase the amount of exercise up to 50 at a time. If you allow your muscles, do more reps, but at the last third of the reps do not use the heavy load. When performing tasks, think about a beautiful result. These exercises can easily remove the stomach.

Be beautiful and most importantly in good physical shape!

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