Watermelon watches your weight contraindications

weight loss¬†Summer is approaching – it’s time for an abundance of fruit and vegetable markets. Use this point in time to maximum advantage for your body. Allow your body to get enough vitamins to get rid of toxins, toxins and excess pounds of cargo and to help you with this watermelon diet. All you Watermelon diet contraindications of watermelon diuretic properties. This means that when the five-day diet of watermelon pulp, you get rid of excess liquid reserves in your corpse, and along with them, and reserves of fat cells. This is because the subcutaneous fat layer on your body eighty percent water, and only twenty – from fat.

Menu watermelon diet to calculate the Banana Diet Reviews 7 days consumed with watermelon watermelon diet can use the following formula: -a pound of watermelon flesh for every ten pounds of your weight. This number, watermelon pulp, divided into five steps, you have to eat for five days. Cons watermelon watches your waistline I have contraindications to this diet. You should not stick to it, if you have diabetes, kidney stones, or a serious disease of the pancreas.

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In this case certainly need to consult a doctor. Results watermelon diet  after five days you are definite to lose about four pounds of weight. If that is not enough for you, then immediately proceed to the next step, which is designed for ten days. At this time you can eat breakfast on a small number of gray porridge cereals, drink unsweetened tea. At lunch you can eat a small amount of cooked meat or fish with salad leaves. But at dinner necessarily eat as much watermelon pulp, which will be calculated on the basis of you: one kilogram of pulp on thirty pounds of your weight. At the running out of fifteen days watermelon diet you will lose weight at fifteen Рeighteen pounds.

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