The top secret to dependable weight loss

dietThis simple example can be extended to almost any field of activity. The identical diet. Often we are trying to tempt some exotic system, promising a guaranteed weight loss of 25 pounds in a week .Not to mention the reality of such proposals, think for yourself – whether good sharp loss of much weight to the body? And how long the effect will last?

Those who agree with the above arguments, we propose an original system of sequential loss of excess weight. It is based on the principle of cyclic in the diet. The idea is simple and is similar to the idea of cycling exercise. If you are doing the same exercises, your body gets used to the program of activities and stops to respond to stress. To be useful, they must diversify. The same principle applies to the diet.

Experts say that with this approach the body to lose excess weight is almost twice as fast.

The system is as follows:

During the first two weeks the number of calories you consume should be calculated using the formula .During the third and fourth weeks of calories drastically reduced: And then every 2 weeks should change the rhythm of the calorie intake.

Using standard tables calorie foods, you can fairly accurately calculate your daily energy consumption. To start the self-discipline to write down everything you eat, and calculate the calories and nutrients contained in each serving of food. By the way, if you find it difficult to understand how many calories should  each meal, divide that number by 4 or 5.

Do not strive for absolute perfection, strive for consistency.

Many times we have seen how dieters get very good results at first. However, there comes a day when, for whatever reasons, the effect of the diet is reduced. But people continue to cling to the proven method – because he had once helped them.

Please note the subsequent. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Never too late to admit it. If the second month of tedious diet you will find that your stuff again sit on you is not as good as they should be, get yourself together and discard the outdated program.

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