Salad diet for weight lose

weight lose tipsThe challenges of beriberi, a weak immune system and overload weight great deal useful and effective diet salad.

Two weeks beneficial diet will facilitate you say goodbye to 6-8 kilograms of excess weight. Foods rich in fiber, can enhance digestion and the endocrine system, clean the intestines and improve the assimilation of food. Vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables have a beneficial consequence on the functioning of the body, the immune system stability, appearance well-being as a whole.

During the salad diet you be supposed to include in the menu products such as vegetables, berries, fruits, and especially the greens. But will have to give up salt, sugar, flour products and alcoholic beverages.

Salad diet allows a day to drink a liter of yogurt with 1% fat content, as well as non-carbonated mineral water with lemon juice .Approximate menu for salad diet:


Breakfast: salad of fruits such as grapefruit, orange and olives toasted. Green lemon tea devoid of sugar;

Lunch: vegetable salad ingredients such as potatoes, boiled in their skins Pickled cucumber , Onion , finely chop, sprinkle with chopped basil and season with olive oil, can be on top of everything eat more and banana;

Dinner: salad of oranges, parsley, lettuce and unsweetened yogurt.


Breakfast: Chicken fillet 2 pcs. Bell pepper 1pc. 2 slices of black bread, unsweetened green tea with sugar;

Lunch: salad prepared with the following ingredients: rice boiled in an amount of 70 g., Pineapple cut into cubes, season with yogurt salad. For dessert, you can drink a glass of fresh orange juice or eat 3-4 pieces. Apricot.

Dinner: vegetable salad of cucumbers, olives and tomatoes. Cucumbers should be cleaned before chop them into a salad. Tomato juice 200 ml.


Breakfast: fat cottage cheese Toasted 2 pcs. Green tea with lemon;

Lunch: vegetable salad with mushrooms, orange, radish, cucumber and lettuce leaves, a glass of freshly squeezed juice;

Dinner: chicken leg, baked in the oven, salad of boiled vegetables dressed with vinegar;


Breakfast: vegetable salad with boiled egg, tomato, cucumber and lettuce, toasted bread tselnozernogo 2 pcs. Green tea with lemon;

Lunch: salad with the following ingredients: boiled egg, lettuce, canned beans and corn  a small bell pepper, a small spoon of tomato paste as the filling, use unsweetened yogurt and add springs drops ofTabascosauce. A cup of green tea without sugar.

Dinner: a sandwich of slices of whole meal bread slices of ham and tomato salad with apple and fresh carrots, use lemon juice..


Breakfast: oatmeal  fill natural yogurt a glass of carrot-apple Freshet

Lunch: salad with the following ingredients. Green tea with lemon.

Dinner: no fat cottage cheese a salad of oranges .


Breakfast: boiled egg 1 piece. A banana, a cup of natural yogurt;

Lunch: salad with the following ingredients: ½ cans of green peas, boiled potatoes, green onions, bell pepper, olive oil, tea with mint.

Dinner: salad of pickled cucumber, lean ham, lettuce, walnuts -2 units, refueling – olive oil.


Breakfast: cheese in brine, add the raisins and pineapple slices .A glass of freshly squeezed Freshet

Lunch: salad with the following ingredients: canned tuna, carrots canned corn 2 large spoons, dill dressing – lemon juice, a glass of orange juice;

Dinner: vegetable salad of red cabbage, parsley, lettuce and melon, toast bread, meal, green tea with lemon.


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