Protein diet menu for pregnant women

Protein diet menuProtein diet – for those who can not give up meat and fish, but can easily live without the sweet, starchy foods and fruits. Protein diet always gives excellent results, since the principle of its operation is quite artfully arranged. In the body, creating a shortage of carbohydrates excess protein – as in your diet includes a lot of meat, but severely restricts the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Metabolism while dramatically restructured: because the body is no longer getting fat and carbohydrates – the main sources of “fuel” – it switches to burning its own fat reserves. In fact, this is one of the many low-carb diets such as the Atkins diet, the Kremlin diet, etc. Protein diet has one huge advantage – you start to lose weight, it is not suffering from hunger.

Protein foods digested long enough and thoroughly. For example, if you ate for lunch a piece of cooked poultry, up to the dinner you’ll feel full. Thus by digesting food protein spent a lot of energy – that is calories. Finally, the protein diet is different enticing variety, unlike many others in this strict diet plan. Protein diet. Menu protein diet menu you compose yourself, guided by a list of approved products. They are: boiled lean fish, poultry, lean meat, meat broth, eggs, in a limited number – cream cheese (including sausage).

In short, all of the products contain almost no carbohydrates, and very little – fat. Allowed to eat one or two vegetables a day. And strictly forbidden everything else, especially flour, sweets, pasta, cereals, and even fruit. There are better small, frequent meals. Aquatic diet protein diet – a maximum of 14 days. Since it is not a balanced diet can cause adverse symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, irritability, apathy. In addition, an excess of protein food. Nutrition after a diet. Protein diet is for those who urgently need to lose a few pounds. But it should be remembered that the result achieved must be maintained.

Of protein diet need to go slowly, adding to the diet of vegetables and grains at first, then fruits and continuing to limit yourself to the flour and sweet. It is desirable, and for diet, and after the gym or just doing exercise, or lost protein diet menu for pregnant women to return very quickly. Vitamin-protein diet (protein-carbohydrate diet) One of the “benign” variants of the protein diet is vitamin-protein diet. It is also called protein-carbohydrate diet or a protein-vegetable diet. The gist of it is that the protein and vitamins (vegetables and fruits), the components taken separately, according to the principle of food combining. Thus, the body receives and protein, and carbohydrates, while continuing to lose weight.

Here’s a rough menu of vitamin-protein diet: 8.00 – two boiled eggs 10.30 – 13.00 one orange – 200 g boiled poultry 15.30 – 18.00 two small apples – 200 g of lean cooked fish 20.30 – Duration of one grapefruit vitamin-protein diet – Hurt Diets days. If necessary, the diet can be repeated. Protein diet. Comments in favor of the protein diet are said only that it is very popular among athletes. It allows you to quickly remove the layer of fat – and at the same time do not lose muscle mass .

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