Moon diet

DietThe most important condition for a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. And according to astrologers – not just right, and even food in accordance with the lunar cycle. If you build a power system in accordance with the recommendations of the lunar calendar, it is possible not only to get rid of excess weight, but also from many diseases. Moon diet helps rid the body of harmful substances and do not have any negative impact. It does not interfere in the internal processes of the body. Slimming and other nice changes are seamless and natural. During the lunar effective diet is recommended to eat only clean fresh food. The main drink should be used to clean water.

Use the principles of supply in accordance with the rhythms of nature is very simple. Enough to take into account some of the details, and with the help of the lunar calendar, you will easily feel the wave motion of nature and to act in accordance with it. In this case, the body will be displayed harmful substances and toxins, and your weight will gradually become the one in which you feel your best. And most importantly – at the time of the lunar diet does not have to go hungry! Moon diet is based on the lunar cycle and the need to eat according to the rhythms of the moon. So.

New moon

2-3 days before the new moon cut portions and calorie intake. If possible, observe fasting, not eating animal fats. But fruits and natural juices for a few days before the new moon and a few days after it is necessary to use a larger than normal amount. On the day of the new moon should drink at least 2 liters of fluid.

Rising moon

During the waxing Moon to eat less than usual, and monitor the quality of food. After 18 hours, there is not. Try to drink a lot, but only up to 19 hours. After 19 hours of drink only when thirsty feel invincible. It is desirable in the days of the waxing Moon every day to massage, using toning oil.

Full moon

Start is a little smaller than the normal 2-3 days before the full moon, finish all meals up to 18 hours. On the day of the Full Moon observe fasting. This day should drink at least 2 liters of water. And again: a few days before and after the full moon to eat as many fresh fruits and natural juices.

 Waning moon

During the waning moon eat as usual, but watch out for the quality of food. After 18 hours, there is not. Very useful daily massage using oils helps to eliminate toxins from the body.


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