Home exercises for weight loss

fitnessHome exercises for weight loss are considered to reduce the layer of fat in different parts of our mortal body. Frequently they do not have contraindications to the health and available to all.

Exercise for weight loss, as any kind of power load, it is necessary to start with a temperate up. As you fit it running or under your own steam in place, side bends the simulation of motion in style crawl swimmer or bracelet, as well as rotation of the wrists and elbows. Very advise you not to neglect these simple warm-up exercises that case is not over various sprains and micro traumas.


Squats and lunges will lend a hand you postponed in the hips and buttocks. Squat need of leg position – shoulder width apart, hands – on a belt. Make twenty deep squat so that your buttocks touch the ankles. It is desirable to perform these three approaches, a break between sets – 1 minute.

 Lunges are done so: make the right foot as a long step to the left knee touched the floor. Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with a different leg. Keep your back straight and your hands – at the waist. Repeat 10-15 times for each leg of the approach, making a total of 3 sets.


 Your waist and press will be subject to the following exercises. Lie on your back on a firm foundation, you will be hooked on to something unmanageable . If you want to rock your lower abs, you cling to your hands and lift your feet up. If you want to swing the upper press, then cling to their feet and lift the torso. Exercise can be done directly, but you can pick up part of the body at an angle to the side. In this case you will have to work more and oblique abdominal muscles. If you load a little of his own body, take in hand, which should be at the head of any heavy object. This can be a great book, dumbbell, water bottle, etc.

  Doing abdominal exercises need to burning in the stomach area. To begin with you should be enough time for the 20-25 approach.

If you do not want or can not “lie” on the floor, then reduce the amount of waist and hips you will need a hoop. There are various options for its use: aluminum in a single item, aluminum associated with 2-3 pieces, or the plastic hoop with balls. Twist them have at least 10 minutes, moving the hoop from the hips to the waist and back. Immediately warn that it can be quite painful, but the beauty demands victims.

When we start with you to lose weight, the first thing a woman will suffer chest, as it mainly consists of fat cells and a small amount of muscles. So you should pay attention to strengthening the chest. For this, we will approach the following exercise: lying on a flat surface your arms with dumbbells in hand, back then raise your hand. Lowering done on inspiration, uplifting – as you exhale. It is advisable to do 3 sets of 10-15 times. Over time, it will be necessary to increase the weight of the dumbbell. If your home is not suitable dumbbells, their perfectly replace plastic water bottles.

These exercises will help you to burn fat slowly on all sides. If you want to reduce the amount of any particular part of the body, then you have to increase the burden on this site. When you’re addicted, then slowly increase the amount of exercise in the approach of 1-2 pc., Leaving the same number of sets.

And the last. These exercises are not able to fully assist you, if you do not reconsider their way of life. You need to move more during the day, review your diet and mealtimes. From now on, flour, sweet and fat – your enemies. Try the maximum amount of food (50%) eat for breakfast, 35-40% – for lunch and only 10-15% – for dinner. This will force your body in the morning and allow him to rest in the evening and during the night.

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