Exercises for the Waist

women WaistWomen’s waist is always sung lovers of beauty and aesthetics, as the most elegant and airy part of the female body.  Slim waist makes a unique figure of a woman, in her slimness and lightness.  But in order to maintain this beauty – it is necessary to make a lot of effort, but the beauty is always asking a lot!

If the lines the abdominal muscles weakened, it is suitable for strengthening such a classic exercise: lying on his back, joint, and slowly raise the legs, hips completely still.  With hollow back, doing exercise, you need to put your heels on the bench.  When poorly pronounced waist desirable to raise the legs above the 30 cm Each exercise is performed for three minutes.


With regular exercise can be compacted in one month 5-8 cm in waist.  And the wider the waist, the faster it loses in circumference.

1.  The most simple: you can constantly make the invisible abdominal exercises – pull in and relax the abdominal wall (repeat 8 times).

2.  Hands spread out to the sides.  Pull your knees to your chest with his hands, straighten the legs.

3.  Lay your hands at your sides.  Raise legs by bending at the knees and straighten them.

4.  Alternately move your feet up and down – make “scissors”.

5.  Sitting up, trying to get it right elbow left knee.  Then the left elbow – right knee.

6.  Raise and straighten the leg as possible.  Simulate cycling.  The circular rotation of the hips.  Widely bred feet.

7.  Lift the foot to 15-20 cm above the floor and keep them in this position.

8.  Raise the legs and try to touch their sex behind his head, left and right of the head.

9.  Lie down on your back, arms at sides, palms on the floor.  Raise legs straight up, then dip them in the direction of the hands before touching toes.  Returned to its original position and is doing the same exercise in the opposite direction.  Raising the legs, breathe in, dropping – exhale.

10.  Lay on the floor, Arms stretched along the body, palms are placed on the floor.  Without bending your knees, lift them straight up, and then, lowering his head, trying to touch the floor with your feet.  Then slowly lowered legs to the initial position.

11.  Starting position – the same foot raised.  Circular movements both legs first in one direction then in the opposite direction.

12.  Starting position – the same leg divorced.  The circular movements of legs.

13.  Starting position – the same hands on his head.  Raise your head and shoulders, hold 5-7 seconds, then lowered.

14.  Starting position – the same.  Sit down, spreading his feet apart, bend forward down, then lay down, connect the legs.

15.  Stand with your back to the wall at a distance of half a step.  Feet shoulder width apart.  Without moving your feet, turn to the left as much as possible, his hands touch the wall.  Return to the starting position and repeat turning the other way.  Run 4-6 times in each direction.

16. Stand on the left knee, place the palm of your hand on your right knee.  Rotate the torso to the right, trying to get his right hand to left heel.  Also turn the head and look at the left heel.  Make 4-6 turns, switch legs and repeat to the other side.

17.  Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width, feet parallel.  Raise your arms out to the side, exhale, move the weight on the left leg and bend it strongly (right foot forward), lean to the right-back, trying to touch the right hand left heel.  Inhale, straighten up, lower your arms back, relax, and then do the same the other way.  Repeat 4-6 times in each direction.

18.  Lie down on your hips stool (chair), face down, fingers hooked on the back of the head, the feet are fixed (run into furniture).  Keep turning the torso to the side.  Repeat 5-10 times in each direction.

19.  Lie on your back, legs bent, feet flat on the floor, his hands apart.  Tilt your legs bent to the side until they touch the floor.

20.  Lie on your back, arms at sides, legs raised straight up.  Dip your feet touch the floor first to the right, then the left side of the torso.  Repeat 4-6 times in each direction.

21.  Lie on your back, hands clasped at the back of the head, elbows divorced, legs bent at the knees, feet flat on the floor.  Raise your left leg bent so the left foot was in the right knee, rotate the torso, sending the right elbow to the left knee.  Return to starting position and do the exercise in the opposite direction.  Repeat 4-8 times in each direction.

22.  Sit down “in Turkish” (concatenate the soles of the feet), back straight, hands on knees, palms down, legs relaxed.  Lift up slightly bent at the elbow, left arm over his head with his right hand resting on the floor, bend to the right as possible

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