Diets for quick weight loss

  weight lossA couple of more pounds? It is impossible. Do not believe it. There are special diets for quick weight loss, following which you will be able in a few days to transform your figure.

Such diets have one major drawback – it is a short-term effect, but nevertheless at some point you’ll look great. But in order to always be slim, you need to radically change your diet and habits.

Diets for quick weight loss allowed to people who do not have digestive diseases and endocrine system, otherwise they will absolutely contraindicate.

The first diet for quick weight loss: Jockey

With this diet you 3 days to get rid of 3-5 pounds of excess weight.

On the first day jockey diet, the recommended diet: boiled chicken without skin. Divide the chicken into 3 portions, so you will have 3 main meals. Salt use is prohibited.

On the second day jockey diet allowed to eat beef in the amount of 100 grams at 3 times a day.

On the third day jockey diet can drink 5 cups of unsweetened coffee.

Jockey diet is one of the most successful diets for quick weight loss.

Its main drawback is that in moments of compliance you may feel dizzy and appear weak.

The second diet for quick weight loss: Vegetarian Diet

With the help of a vegetarian diet for 3 days you can lose weight by 3 pounds.

The first and third day of the vegetarian diet for weight loss have a similar diet. All this time you need to eat some vegetables raw, steamed, boiled (except fried). During the second day of the diet resolved to eat any fruit.

Sample menu vegetable of the day vegetarian diet:

The first meal: a cup of any vegetable juice, baked tomatoes (4 pcs.), Green lemon tea without sugar;

Second meal: a salad of fresh cucumbers, green onions and parsley, green lemon tea without sugar;

Third meal: vegetables stewed or boiled (spinach, kale), green tea with lemon sugar.

Sample menu for a vegetarian diet fruit of the day:

The first meal: fruit salad of oranges, grapefruit and apple, lemon tea without sugar;

Second meal: a salad of fruits such as apple, grapefruit and orange and ½ part of melon;

Third meal: ½ part of melon and fruit salad of oranges, grapefruit and apple, green tea with lemon;

The third diet for quick weight loss: Egg-grapefruit diet

Egg and grapefruit diet can help get rid of 4 days to 2 pounds of excess weight. In line with this diet during weight loss is recommended menu.

The first meal: a boiled egg, a glass of grapefruit juice, unsweetened green tea with lemon.

Second meal: baked potatoes in the form of – 1 pc., Green apple, unsweetened green tea with lemon;

Third meal: a glass of tomato juice, ½ part of a grapefruit, boiled egg in 1 piece., Unsweetened green tea with lemon.

The fourth diet for quick weight loss: Watermelon diet

Thanks to the watermelon diet for 5 day you can lose 5 pounds.

Sample menu watermelon diet:

The first meal: buckwheat, a slice of cheese;

Second meal: a small piece of lean fish and vegetables in the stew;

Third meal: watermelon for every 30 pounds of your weight is allowed to eat 1 kg of watermelon.

The fifth diet for quick weight loss: Buckwheat diet

With buckwheat diet week you can get rid of 3-4 pounds of excess weight.

Recipe for a main course: A glass filled with buckwheat 2 cups of boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning you can start a diet. It is a daily portion of your diet. Eat it for the day. From drinks can be yogurt, green and herbal teas.

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