Diet Friendship

Diet tipsA popular power system for getting rid of over weight, which was developed by an expert on diet, Tatiana Malakhov. The essence of the diet is phasing out harmful products and the transition to a healthy meal.

In accordance with the statement of Tatiana Malakhov, are considered harmful products such as alcohol and soft drinks, bread, all kinds of sweets, sausage, corn, rice, potatoes, food products deep processing, various condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise and refined products.

Useful as diet says Tatiana Malakhov consists of the following products:

– Fresh fruits and vegetables;

– Low-fat dairy products;

– Fish and seafood because of the omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein and minerals;

– Whole-grain products;

– Dried fruits, seeds, legumes;

– Natural seasonings (herbs, lemon juice, pepper, garlic);

– Bitter chocolate.

Friendship diet menu:

Friendship breakfast diet: vegetable salad of carrots 1 pc., 1 piece of celery and grapefruit ½ pc., With sesame seeds.

Still allowed to eat for breakfast porridge. Method of preparation is as follows: 3 tbsp. tablespoons of oatmeal, add low-fat yogurt .

Snack: cocktail “Sybarite”. Method of preparation: finely chop the fruit  and mix them with 90-100 grams of fat-free yogurt;

Friendship Lunch diet: vegetable salad with carrots, beets, seasoned with olive oil (200 g.).

Even at the dinner can be cooked red fish (100-130 gr.) With steamed or boiled vegetables 100g.

Friendship diet dinner: salad of fresh vegetables (carrots, beets, cheese, dressing of olive oil (270 g.), Or egg, or poultry meat in boiled (100 gr.)

Recommendations for dieting Friendship:

– Calorie of food eaten should be slightly larger than the power consumption of the body;

– The energy value of food eaten per day, must be greater than the cost of the energy of the body;

– Be sure to have breakfast, even when not hungry;

– Breakfast, lunch and dinner should consist of the same number of calories;

– Night time interval between meals should not be less than 14 hours;

– Carefully and slowly chew your food in a relaxed atmosphere and not distracting;

– Drink plenty of water, but no less than one hour before and after meals;

– Give preference to fresh fruit and vegetables, thereby Minimize heat treatment products;

– Give up the food with a glycemic index of 50 units, and canned foods.

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