Diet for pregnant women

 pregnant women dietMost pregnant women do not know the problem firsthand edema during the period of childbearing. Diet so for various reasons. There is a version of what is happening – the fact that about the twentieth week of pregnancy, the pregnant body begins to accumulate the more fluid, the more you drink fluids while eating salty food.

That is, the more salty foods you eat, the more liquid comes out of you. At first it may appear Water Diet hidden edema, but then be sure to go into the visible swelling. And there is not enough just to limit your fluid intake – no restrictions on salt and salty foods that will not give any results.

That is why the only way out of an unpleasant situation can be only the rejection of salt, not the limited consumption. It goes without saying that one should not consume canned, meat and cheese products. Salt-free diet for pregnant women. We can give you a few recipes for dishes without salt, which will help brighten up your months pregnant and will not lead to a swelling of your pregnant body.

For example, cook chicken fritters with vegetables. Take the chicken and cut into a salt-free diet for pregnant strips or cubes Grate two onions, stir the meat and set aside for half an hour to one side. Then, on a coarse grater rub the potatoes (two or three pieces) and one or two carrots. Mix everything well, add a pinch of baking soda, a little lemon juice and chopped herbs, mix well, warm up the frying pan and put on a hot frying pan with a spoon mass as pancakes. Fry on both sides and lay out on a serving platter or decompose on plates. Serve with unsweetened yogurt or sour cream. And can cook fish in batter with walnuts and lemon.

For this we need a perch fillet, one lemon, for fifty grams of bread crumbs, walnuts, one hundred grams of flour, two eggs. Pour lemon juice, fish fillets and fish leave to soak for five to ten minutes. Before frying Dredge fillets first in flour, then in the whipped egg with pepper, then in breadcrumbs mixed with grated lemon zest and crushed walnuts. Put on a hot frying pan with a little oil and fry until cooked. Hot news:

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