Blood group diet

diet tipsBlood group watch what you eat was tremendously similar to the theory of Peter D’ Amato concerning the need for manufacture the daily diet, depending on the blood of man. On the other hand, it is not recommended to make use of only persuaded dishes, but also imposes a figure of restrictions on supplementary products, depending on the susceptibility of the organism to certain diseases.For those who aspiration to start a healthy lifestyle and construct food is not only delicious, but also functional, the following in sequence will be of attention:

The diet for the original group of blood

Distinctiveness of the organism, a predisposition to disease: a physically powerful immune organization and good digestion, but the propensity to inflammatory diseases, allergic reactions.

Featured products:  meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits from beginning to end a minimum acidity

 diet tips

Contraindicated products:  pork, due to superior than previous to body fat, legumes, grains, foods rich in carbohydrates

Diet and second blood group

Characteristics of the organism, a predisposition to disease: high adaptive capability of the organism, but susceptible digestive, nervous and immune system, susceptibility.

Featured products: vegetables, fruits, including – exotic, fish, low-fat dairy products

Contraindicated foods: seafood, eggs, sugar, poultry, foods rich in carbohydrates

Tips for diet food: used in the development of cooking all kinds of vegetable oils, soy, vegetable crops without restriction. Do not eat the orange juice and black teas.

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