Women’s Soccer: Five Places to train

women soccerThe evolution of women’s football continues to rise. Prejudices left behind and the idea of women who practice this sport look or lose femininity and became an absurdity. Now, we also went out to show our talent on the court.

Currently, there are schools for women to perfect the technique, have a good time with friends and compete in different tournaments without losing any of the female spirit.

Quite the contrary: because train becomes a great option for girls who do not like going to the gym and want to get fit.

Generally, practices are divided 30 minutes of exercise and 30 training on the court, and are ideal to lose calories and tone muscles. For those who want to compete, there are tournaments organized by levels that can be put into practice what they learned during the week. Female Gambetta located in Costa Salguero, is the main organizer in Punjab and there are more than a thousand girls participating each weekend Football Tournament 5 and 7.vv

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